Improve Quality

Automation indirectly - improves quality by providing a stable process Quality improvement - works when problems are addressed systematically using a consistent and analytic approach.Quality comes from a consistent reliable process.Track out-of tolerance materials, products, and scrap. Reduce errors

Increase Productivity

  • Increase throughput, increase production rate
  • Increase capacity without increasing labor
  • Simplify machine operation and reduce setup time
  • Reduce cycle time and work-in-progress while increasing inventory turns
  • Optimize and create predictable production to meet forecasts
  • Improve machine utilization and ergonomics

Reduce Downtime

  • Automation will run 24/7
  • Simplify predictive and preventative maintenance processes identify and display point of failure in machinery

Enhance Safety

  • Automatic machines need very little human involvement
  • Improved control systems integrity with added security
  • Isolate hazardous areas and install effective machine guarding

Reduce Energy Cost

  • Monitor energy usage more accurately and more precisely
  • Minimize waste Reduce scrap









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